Castle On The Hill lists some people with personal domains

Gregg Steinberg - Brain waves for athletes - Facebook data scientist - More MBI thoughts from the inventor of RSS

Wayne Himelsein -

Entrepreneur (Tokbox) - nice personal site -

Dr. Wilf - great design -

Cleve Corlett

Sales pro - or

Dave Caroll, "united breaks guitars" guy -

Lynne Hybels - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Shauna Niequist Chicago, Illinois, USA

Vince Thompson Los Angeles, California, USA

David Schlosberg Santa Monica, California, USA

Olivia Lambert

Kevin Doohan, Red Bull Marketing -

Marissa Miller, Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, California, USA

JR Woodward, Pastor Los Angles, California, USA

Sarah Honing, Writer Jerusalem, Israel

Jason Nazar, CEO, Los Angeles, CA

Christine Conradt, writer

Nate Henn, Peace activist, killed by a terrorist bomb In Loving Memory of Nate "Oteka" Henn -

Judith Shulevitz, an intelligent journalist, NYC

Set designer, Los Angeles -

Speaker -

Video blogger - Clintus

Game maker, Tel Aviv -

Political Activist - Tel Aviv -

Preacher -

Positive Entrepreneur, West Virginia - Paul Helmick's LifeStream

Richest Israeli, gaming software king -

F Test Personal Branding -

Affiliate Marketer -

Brilliant Designer -



Entreprenuer -

Once again you mentioned the importance of registering one's name as a website. I am totally on board with doing that, but am unsure exactly what all should be included on the page. What would you suggest I start with?


After you have registered your name (.com), sign up for, and establish, a small website. I recommend making page one your philosophy for how you treat customers. Write six to ten sentences about your work ethic, your pride in your service, and the things you do to maintain solid, loyal relationships. Your second page should be a biography and perhaps some family pictures. Start there!

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